Grants & Scholarships from The Logan County Healthcare Foundation


The Logan County Healthcare Foundation makes grants to health care organizations within Logan County. These grants have purchased equipment, upgraded technology, provided sponsorship for health and wellness educational programs and completed expansion projects.

Grant Application Guidelines

  • Letter from individual, department or organization stating health care need that matches Logan County Healthcare Foundation goals. (See Categories of Goals below)
  • Please provide verification of non-profit status.
  • Approval from CEO or administration stating and reaffirming status of need; why the funds are not in the regular budgeting of the organization.
  • Explain why a grant from the Logan County Healthcare Foundation is the best source of funding for the project.
  • In which category does your need fit?
  • Categories of Goals:
    • Scholarships in the health care field; recipient would return to work in Logan County in the medical field.
    • Recruitment of health care professionals.
    • Sponsorship of medical and health care education – employees or public at large.
    • Medical equipment and updated technology improvements.
    • Long-term care assistance.


The Logan County Healthcare Foundation will provide scholarship assistance to medical professionals who agree to work within Logan County.

Scholarship Application Guidelines

  • Scholarships will only be considered at the January and June Board of Directors meetings. Usually held on the fourth Thursday of the month.
  • The applicant needs to be present for a personal interview with the Board of Directors. Make arrangements with the Executive Director to be put on the agenda.
  • The applicant needs to have a completed application and brief resume or job history on paper to give to the Board of Directors.

Please contact The Foundation office for applications.